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“Who, being loved,

is poor?”

Oscar Wilde


No wedding is ever the same so talk to your DJ about what YOU want with as much or little bling you want.

DJ, LIGHTS, ACTION! - It is important to get the right balance between sound and light, mood and ambiance, fun and occasion.
The consultation will help you through the process of getting the balance right for your big day. Too much sound and light, in our experience, can have a reverse effect and make the event more 'stress' than 'impress'.

“ We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew
we were having fun.


An experienced mobile DJ will recommend the right sized sound system and lights for the size of venue and number of guests - no point bringing the slammin' base bins if there is no space for them or cranking up the club size laser show for an evening of Motown Classics and fun party anthems.

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